University Guide : How To Increase Sport Participation

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Do you want to increase participation in your chosen sport?  These 5 useful steps should help you to have a full, motivated and energetic team. Once you have your team, you should consider planning a team social so your team can get to know each other better. You can find out more about this here

Step One – Create A Strong Sport Community 

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Make full use of the Student Union and make them aware that you are looking for new candidates to join your team. However, more than that you should create social outlets where your team can come together and discuss any worries or improvements. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram they are all perfect tools to help you create a strong community. Once students notice your dedicated team they will be raring to be part of it. 

Step Two – Make Sport Social! 

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As previously stated you should make use of social platforms, but this step is more than that.

Large amounts of people join sport clubs at universities to meet new people and gain friendships that may well last forever. Offer incentives such as free training sessions for people to come along and meet the team. It’s also a great way to get fit and by making it socialable it will help increase motivation and therefore your team will start wining those all important tournaments and varsities. 

Step Three – Introduce Flexible Payment Options 

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With students having to pay staggering tuition fees of to £9,000 a year, it is no surprise that students have had to reduce their spending elsewhere. Unfortunately this may have led to a reduction in members joining their sport clubs, so how do you tackle this? Introducing flexible payment options means that students will get value for their money. You can decide how often you want them to pay; will it be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly? Ask your fellow students what they would prefer and you may just see more faces through the door. 

Step Four – Increase Inclusion And Break Down Prejudice 

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Universities’ are incredibly diverse places where people come from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures; make sure you let everyone know they are welcome to join your sporting team. Unfortunately it is still a problem within University sport clubs with the NUS Out in Sport Report stating that 14.3% of LGBT students at university were discouraged from participating in sport. Let’s reduce that figure and make sport a fun sociable sport for all! 

Step Five – Listen To Students 

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Sounds obvious right? Well you may think listening to your current team ticks off this stop but you’re wrong. You need to talk to a wide array of students, perhaps more importantly the ones that aren’t taking part in your sport. Find out why they aren’t getting involved and try and tackle any possible barriers they are facing. 

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For more information on how we can help your sports team, get in touch today by calling 0800 072 5334 or contact us online.

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