The little people in your life…………..


Kids and toddler clothing for printing and embroidery.

Look at this pitiful image and take a moment. What do you see? 

These poor wretches were typical of their time when ‘kids fashion’ was a futuristic dream, yet to be realised. This was 1975 and what you are seeing is a small boy of 3 yrs feeling self-conscious and incredulous at the outfit his mum had just dressed him in. I know exactly how that boy feels…because that boy is me, the disgust is written on my face.

The memories of that moment back in 1975 still remain with me.

Fortunately, this type of child cruelty is largely a thing of the past. You can now prove that you really love your kids by wrapping their little bodies in the types of clothes you actually would wear yourself, instead of dressing them up to be laughed at.

This is good news if you are buying for a kids sports team or drama group or looking to start a new kids brand. This is good news if you are buying for other people’s kids and you cannot afford to upset anyone.

Not upsetting people is an attribute of kindness.

Think of this is ‘kindness training’ for the little people in your life and it starts here……….

Leisurewear (STANLEY STELLA)

These guys have some nifty threads if your budget is on the generous scale. They manage to fuse ‘ethical’ with ‘style’ and their quality is noticeable in the cotton they use, the tailoring and construction.

This brand occupies the ‘fashion/leisurewear’ end of the kids spectrum and is popular with clients who want to start their own clothing line with their brand or designs.

These are particularly good garments for digital printing as they offer a high quality 100% cotton print surface. This does not mean they are not suitable for other decorative processes like screen-printing and embroidery; they are excellent for these also.


Running around the sports hall in your underpants because you forgot your sports kit was common practice pre 1985.

Your kids these days are less likely to be humiliated by the PE teacher and less likely to forget their kit if it looks ‘sick’.

Technical fibres, stylish trim and a nod to the ‘label culture’ is not a bad thing to keep them happy.

SOLS and ERREA do it nicely with some of their football training collection but there are a number of products that fall in the general active wear category that are worthy of note. We also have rugby and cricket covered

Most teams opt for an embroidered breast logo and then names and numbers on the back of the garments. We use vinyl for this process..


The trouble with kids is that they grow. Each year they raid your wallet as their limbs require more fabric to cover them.

The pain is mitigated by the vat exemption but the extra good news is that if you buy form Shirtworks, you will enjoy some of the lowest ‘wholesale’ type prices around.

Simple rain jackets start from £4.59, with more sophisticated products up to £25.

Jackets tend to be embroidered on the left breast area mainly, as there are often technical difficulties getting prints on them. We have been able to apply transfers and vinyl to jackets for breast or back prints but this is always subject to the jacket itself. Zips, pockets, seams, padding all create challenges.


Ok…so they will not thank you for this, but this is like that yucky medicine you had to chug down when you had an earache.

Our roads are now more congested than ever. The Green Cross Code Man got old and retired and no one replaced him. Kids are wandering around with their eyes glued to their smart-phones, they can’t hear a thing over the noise of Justin Beiber on their £200 cans.

It is not a bad idea to make these compulsory to be honest. Someone just has to come up with a way to make hi-viz safety wear cool. Where is David Beckham when you need him?

The even littler people

There are loads of cute little baby outfits out there but if you have a notion that you might be expecting octuplets then why not start planning the wardrobe early.

Screenprinting with waterbased inks is usually the best option as it avoids PVC or thalate concerns that are associated with plastisol inks.

Embroidery can work if the design is small. Large designs are not a good idea as there is always some ‘roughness’ on the back of the embroidery which could be irritating if the design is large. Your account manager can always advise you on whether something will work.

So…with the help of Shirtworks, you can avoid creating those early psychological scars that some of us still carry as a result of the poor choices our own parents made.

Author: Arron Harnden

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