Supply chains compromised…start your planning.

Bangladesh supply chain issues

Covid has had a massive impact in the UK but the effect on manufacturing in the Asian sub continent has been significant and is about to come home to roost if you are a garment buyer of blank t shirts.

Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, where most of the worlds garment production occurs, have been on crippling lockdowns that have been much worse than we have had to endure, and right now they are on enforced 3 day working weeks with limited numbers of personnel aloud to work at any one time.

Factories are being visited by the Police and state officials who are rigorously enforcing the law where it is often being flouted so people can try to survive the crisis.

Migrant workers that powered the labour force in many garment factories returned to their villages when the pandemic hit and have not come back to the cities to work.

The supply of garments is slowing to trickle with signs that there will be shortages between now and Xmas on some brands and models.

What does this mean for you?

Well a bit of planning won’t hurt and you need to think about having some ‘fallback’ options with different garments in the mix to plug stick shortage situations.

The word on the street is that big brands like Gildan are struggling to get stock manufactured quickly enough and the GD05 looks to be an issue in the following months.

This will have a knock-on effect with customers opting to move to the GD02 and maybe the GD08 as they see the GD05 dwindle.

Our website tracks ,almost at real time, the stock availability for all the products on our website so it is not a bad idea for you to start looking at the numbers and giving us a call if your stock garment looks thin on the ground.

One brand that is doing well for stock though is Stanley Stella.

This may be an opportunity to move your brand to an ‘ethical’ t shirt.

If you have been buying the GD01 then maybe it’s time to look at the ROCKER as a good alternative at a very similar price.

The Stanley Stella products have one of the best print surfaces of all t-shirts in the industry with smooth, tight weaves that ensure that digital prints have their best chance or looking their best, plastisol printing has a smooth surface that translates as a ‘smooth’ print finish and the organic cotton and GOTS approved dyes in the Stanley Stella garments means that ‘discharge’ printing works extremely well with bright colours being easily achieved.

The hoods and sweats do contain some recycled polyester content which improved the fit and feel of these thicker garments and these are excellent for achieving a crisp bright plastisol finish.

As always, our experts are ready to assist with stock issues or technical questions.

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