Shirtworks Teams Up With Gandys Flip Flops

Shirtworks Teams Up With Gandys Flip Flops


Gandys Flip Flops are a truly inspirational organisation¬¶ 

Run by two brothers, Rob & Paul, who were tragically orphaned in Sri Lanka by the 2004 Tsunami, the company sells summer footwear in order raise money for a great cause. Their focus is on building orphanages in the developing countries that they visited during their time travelling, and in particular around the areas affected by the Tsunami.

Their movement is called Orphans For Orphans, and is committed to helping the people who need it most in the world’s developing nations.

Their mission in life is inspirational, and their approach to their business is also admirable. They have deservedly received a huge amount of exposure in the media, including appearances on Sky, ITV, and BBC. Apart from anything else, their success is down to the fact that the flip flops look great and people love wearing them! 


Gandys New Tees

The Shirtworks team was delighted about being asked to create some eye-catching t-shirts for the guys at Gandys Flip Flops, so that they could spread the news about their organisation and their brand. They visit lots of different events and music festivals across the UK to raise awareness of the mission and the good work that they are doing, so they needed some nice looking t-shirts to wear whilst touring.

As you can see from the image below, their logo is vibrant and complex, so we certainly had a job on our hands! Fortunately, our brand new machine enables us to digitally product the designs, ensuring that the guys could have as many electrifying colours as they desired in the final design of their t-shirts.

Digital printing is a revolution in our industry because it means that we can achieve much higher resolution than with the more traditional screen printing. This added detail always proves to be incredibly effective, and was particularly successful for the Gandys Flip Flops tees. We hope that they enjoy their new t-shirts, and we hope that they can continue along the road to recruiting their target of 230,000 brand ambassadors.

For more information about the amazing project that Gandys Flip Flops have got going on, you can visit their website at:


If you would like t-shirts or hoodies that carry your brand in a vibrant and eye-catching way, please get in touch with Shirtworks today on 0800 0725334.

By Andy Timmins. 

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