Not just about printed and embroidered t-shirts…we are also, all about bags.


We Love Bags!

We love bags because they stow your stuff.

We love bags because they enable you to operate in tough urban environments by allowing you to carry those survival essentials; like your laptop, your marks and spencer superfood salad, your lippy and a spare pair of sexy pants.

We love personalised bags because they can be printed, embroidered or transferred onto with your brand or business credentials.

Bags can say a lot about you.

They can say that you are an urban hipster, an account executive for a fortune 500 company, an eco-warrior, an athlete or a tough outdoors roamer.

A bag has a persona and these are some of our favourites.

The Urban Hipster

The Sols Wall Street Back Pack 01394 is a bit of a misnomer in our view. It does not look like the kind of bag that your Wall Street financier would strut about in. It looks like your ‘urban-skater- slacker-executives’ backpack for stowing a Macbook covered in stickers and creative mood enhancing contraband.

This bag is large enough to carry a 15 inch laptop and has a generous area for applying an embroidered or screen-printed logo.

The compression straps are groovy. Especially if you sometimes find yourself breaking into a jog while load carrying. Nothing worse than the stuff you are humping, banging rhythmically but annoyingly on your back. Only comes in grey though.

The Bagbase Universal Monostrap BG211 is going to divide opinion.

It is true to say that this configuration was first seen a decade ago and some might think that maybe it was a ‘style blip’ which should remain in the past; but we say phooey.

The ease with which you can throw one of these on your back and then remove again for quick access to your stash, makes this a favourite with cyclists and young mums pushing expensive strollers. You do not need to contort your limbs to remove the pack to get access to your stowage; you just spin it under your armpit to get into it or rip open the Velcro fastener.

It has a phone pocket built into the chest strap and small loops to secure your headphones cable.

There is plenty of room on the back for an embroidered or printed logo. Comes in 5 fruity colours.


The Quadra Desert Canvas Messenger QD611 is going to appeal to your ‘earthy’ urbanites. It belongs in the ‘messenger’ category, as it resembles the bag a horse rider would have used while carrying mail and messages before we were motorised.

There is an internal pocket and rear zipped pocket.

There are also acres of decorative space on the cover flap for your embroidered or screen-printed logo.

An ‘old skool’ metal clasp closure secures the bag and the strap is adjustable.

The account executives.

The Quadra Tungsten Laptop Briefcase QD967 is your ‘no fuss man-bag’ for movers and shakers to carry large laptops and associated peripherals. Batman has one of these in his glovebox because he thinks that ‘black’ is moody and dangerous and he likes the fact that it is called ‘Tungsten’.

Batman likes to keep his pepper spray in the front zip pocket.

There are loads internal compartments and pockets to secure the bits that do not fit in his utility belt.

Batman likes his motif embroidered on this bag in yellow. Batman likes the synthetic way it smells inside.

 When Batman needs to ‘man-pack’ some heavier gear, he likes the Sols Equity Laptop Backpack 73902. He likes the way it looks like a parachute or might conceal some foldable wings for quick escapes from Gotham skyscrapers.

The little blue studs on the bottom remind him of the buttons in the Batmobile and he appreciates the way it coordinates with his hardware.

The small headphones port in the top centre allows him to be able to listen to Rage Against the Machine while on the move. Batman likes to be angry. Anger is an energy.

The Eco-Warriors

The Earth Positive Organic Shopper Tote Bag Climate Neutral EP75 is 170gsm of organic good karma. The screen-printing and embroidery versatility and the extremely low cost make this an excellent option for the socially responsible.

Shirtworks is Soil Association accredited for organically approved printing and embroidery processes.

This bag is ‘climate neutral’ which means that the entire manufacturing process was powered by sustainable energy sources like the wind or sun.

We have a water based print solution for these bags which give a very soft feel and an embroidery process which uses threads made from sustainable cellulose.

Comes in a whopping 12 colours.

The Salvage Woven Twill Sling Bag SA61 is an interesting option. It is made from 100% recyclable cotton and polyester. Not designed for a heavy load carry but will easily perform the top up shop at the local deli or carry your books about between lectures. This is a great promotional bag for charities or socially responsible businesses where the company message can sit alongside the very visible ethical accreditation label stitched into the side seam of the bag.

The Athlete

The Sols Soho 52 travel/sports bag is about as cheap a price as a bag can be at £3.11 ex vat. This is the base price assuming you are buying a full carton. If you are looking for a promotional giveaway, as a vehicle for your brand, then this is the sort of thing that will be used rather than thrown away.

It can be printed, transfer printed or embroidered on the ends of the sides.

It also compresses down and can be stowed in your luggage as a spare bag from bringing back that foreign contraband from your trip to South America.

The Errea Masterfit 12 holdall is your standard sports holdall aimed at the grass pitch athlete. It has a very wide zip up , which allows you to expose the entire inside of the bag so that you can find that missing gum shield in a badly lit changing room.

Robust zips, fasteners and straps indicate a high quality product.

Studs on the bottom and a small air grill to reduce the festering damp smell of wet boots and sweaty jock strap.

Easily embroidered or printed with your teams’ crest/logo.

The bagbase sports holdall is a super-colourful offering and it worthy of a mention. Most sports bags look generically ‘sporty’. These have a ‘fashion/feminine’ look.

Comes in seven colours and can be printed, transferred onto or embroidered.

It has a shoe tunnel, inner pocket, wet pocket and outer pocket.

Big grabby toggles on the zips for when your fingers are cold and numb, air holes along the bottom, wet pocket section.

​The Outdoor Roamers

When you are roaming outdoors the right load carrying kit can make the difference between it being fun or a total drama.

The first thing you need to decide on is the duration of the trip and then how much capacity you will need to carry the right amount of it.

If you are going ‘overnight; then you generally will need a 50 litre plus load capacity for sleeping system and tent/overhead cover. If you are just out for a day then you need what is known as a ‘daysack’ typically 20 or 30 litres of carrying capacity.

 The QX520 is a 20 litre daysack that will just about do the trick. I have managed to fit in a Hennesey hammock for overnight trips and summer sleeping bag along with 24 hrs of food and water but it was a squeeze.

It has 2 compartments which fasten with waterproofed zips and mesh carry pouches either side.

Internal compartments and small zip up pocket on the belt.

A nice little padded section at the base of the back.

The loops at the bottom mean you can attach other kit with bungees if you need to and there are other securing tabs and toggles for random kit

This bag can be embroidered or screenprinted or transfer printed on the outer compartment.

The QX530 is the bigger brother, made to the same tough materials and high standard. 30 litres is the better option for day travelling and this one has enough toggles, clips, loops and pockets for you to be able to stow everything you could possible need for a day of roaming.

The single closure system is a nice feature eliminating faff and frustration when accessing and closing the bag.

This bag seems completely waterproofed but we have not tested this. Always pack your kit in plastic bags anyway.

There is a small section on the top flap for embroidery or screen-print or transfer print. This would be an excellent product for outdoor centres, retail stores wanting to sell their own brand, adventure holiday companies etc…

So… this is a small section of what we have on offer.

All of our bags can be found here and there are many other categories than the few we have mentioned.

As always, your account manager can guide you through the products and provide advice.

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