How to promote your T shirt brand on Instagram

Instagram is an addictive time suck.

You tell it what you like and it feeds to constant new images of the things you like…who doesn’t like looking at the things they like…constantly…its genius.

It was designed that way to monopolise as much of your time as possible and then allow advertisers to pitch products to you while they have your attention.

It’s not really any different to sitting in front of old skool terrestrial TV and seeing adverts for Galaxy chocolate and Carlsberg while consuming the latest drama on Coronation street.

In the olden days, pre 2010, if you wanted to advertise your product or service, you had to get someone to create the advert for you and then buy advertising space….somewhere…but you as sure as sh*t were not going to be able to afford TV. It was difficult and expensive and likely to fail. It was only for the big people/corporates.

Now, the little people with no capital but a great idea can enter into the capitalist race to acquire money and sex appeal but starting their own brand and getting in front of an audience…the world is your oyster, and if you have some skills you can make your own adverts real easy and buy cheap target advertising on Instagram that puts you straight in front of your carefully selected prospects.

You will need the following…

1 Some images of your products

2 Some Photoshop skills

3 A simple video editor


1 Some images of your products.

You can buy a full set of photography light from Amazon for less than £70. You can get a small lightbox if your products are small, you can get a white backdrop, a black one and a green one for various reasons I will expand on later and you can shoot awesome pics on a high level smart phone or mid range digital SLR.

You could be up and running for less than £300 or you can book a photographer for £100 an hour.

How you arrange your lighting is probably the most important aspect. People and products may require slightly different approaches. Take your time and experiment a little as well as research the topic.

2 Photoshop skills.

£40 a month with get you the full Adobe suite. Unless you a professional graphic designer/media creator then this will be total overkill but will open a world of creative magic for the inquisitive. Even learning the basics will provide you with the ability to create your advert.

If you can figure out how to remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos and then soften the edges of your images and boost the contrast a little and saturate the colours a little and then export for web as a .png file, your are ready to use these images in your video.

Images are easier to edit of you shoot your subject in front of a contrasting backdrop. Having a white,black and green backdrop will give you most options.

The wand tool will select all the pixels in the background for you to delete, you can then tidy up some stray pixels with the eraser and then burn some of the extreme pixels at the extreme edge of your image then blur the edges of your image to stop it looking so ‘photo-shopped’. Save these png’s into your Adobe cloud folder and then you can access then straight from phone into your video editing software.

3 A simple video editor app on your smart phone.

There are loads of video editing apps for your phone these days and they cost virtually nothing.

Videoleap is by far one of the best value apps and it is easy to use and can post your work straight to Instagram. It operates roughly like a desktop video editing software with less features but it has everything you will need to get up and running and creating professional little adverts.

It has a number of significant creative features that can get you going quickly.

Videoleap links with a number of stock footage sites to enable you to insert professionally filmed segments into your advert that help your storey. These are very inexpensive, usually less than £10.

It also provides you with a free library of sound effects and music. This is priceless.

Other apps can take raw footage and apply special effects that you can then save to your phone and upload into video leap.

The videos below used image png’s of a model along with a smoke effect from the Werble app and from the DIZZI app and then music and sound effects from Videoleap. They were created on an Iphone 6 plus 128gb.

Png’s created in Photoshop.

Once you have your video advert created, you are ready to post ti Instagram.

Look out for our blog on how to manage your Instagram video and advertising budget.

Hit us up if you have any questions.

The Shirtworks team.

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