How to pick the right uniform for your staff

Recent studies have shown that uniforms can have a positive effect on customers building trust with your business but also internally with your employees. So today, we are going to look at the importance of picking the right uniform for your staff. 

Why staff uniforms are important

For many years, offices and places of work have tried a variation of uniforms and non-uniforms with differing results. One thing has become clear however, uniforms and corporate apparel do provide a sense of consistency and brand affinity that inspire confidence in a business for many customers. 

There are other benefits as well. Businesses see a general improvement in the overall image and public perception of the brand as well as employees noting the benefits of wearing a uniform feeling more valued to the whole business process. 

What do you need to look out for when picking the correct staff uniform?

There are many factors that affect the overall choice of a custom staff uniform. We are going to look at just a few to help with your decision making in picking the right custom clothing for your staff uniforms. 

Comfort is important

One of the most important elements of picking a uniform is that you have something which is comfortable. Think about the work conditions and who your employees are going to be talking to on a daily basis. Are they standing or sitting? Are they moving around a lot? Comfort is really important to staff morale and in some cases health and safety as well. Pick something comfortable that staff will also take pride in caring for. 

Find something well made 

If there is one thing that you shouldn’t scrimp on it is quality. Some uniforms will be for heavy duty work, if that’s the case, investing more before they are made will save you money in the long run. Regular washing and handling all impacts the quality of your garment so better materials will generally last longer. 

Find a good fit

Having your staff look the part will help with your overall brand awareness more than any colour scheme will. Find clothing that works with the person that is wearing it. Importantly order clothing that is their size, nothing too big or too small – their size. It’s really important that you make your staff feel comfortable and look the part, after all, they are representing your business. 

Pick something that is current

You want to maximise your look and feel and one of the best ways to do this is by picking something that is current in today’s apparel world. Modern styles have different fits to just a few years ago, so if you’re upgrading, find a style that is more suited to today’s fashion trends. Again, you are using your employees to reflect your business to an audience, so find a style that is current and always be on the look for any changes. 

Finally, be consistent!

When you add logos and colours, you want to be sure that you are consistent with your whole brand. So be sure to consider all these aspects of your design when picking your company uniforms. 

Uniforms inspire confidence from the people you work with through to your employees feeling valued. Be sure to invest in uniforms as you would anything else in your business. 

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