How to create a good company logo

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Company logos can make or break a brand from the get-go. We’ve seen examples over the years of brands that just get it horribly wrong, and then again, there are brands that haven’t changed their look and feel for almost a decade. 

But the key to a great logo is great design. So today, we are going to look at the steps in creating a logo and think about what needs to be considered in getting your business a logo that it deserves! 


Why do you need a logo? 

If you thought about a brand like you did a date, you’d know the first thing that you would want to do is to make an impact. It is your calling card to the world to demonstrate who it is you are, and what you stand for… even if it is not clear from just one image, it could create the impetus to make people take note. 

Being memorable will help get your business off the ground and remembered in the correct circles. 


Think about your identity

What is it that your business stands for? What are you trying to achieve with the business? What are you selling, creating, giving? It’s not just as simple as “I’m a coffee shop” for example. You have to think about what that brings with it. “I’m about people experiencing great coffee, in a comfortable location, with nice cups and friendly staff.” 

If you can identify what it is that makes you a little bit different, or a clear dividing line on where your business is at that will make you think about your identity a lot more clearly. 


Get inspired 

What is the best way to appreciate design? By looking around and seeing what works. You may not personally be connected to a particular design but you could see it working well. Or it could be that you love a design and don’t know why. 

So, getting inspired is about looking at what you like, don’t like and sometimes don’t understand but see that it works.


Think about colours and fonts

When you’re in the phase of research you want to pick out things like colours and fonts. Think about the elements that are going to be seen but, with purpose. How will that colour look for your brand, does it stand for who you are – is it your identity. The same for font types, a classical font type might not show how cutting edge you are and so on. 


Consider your audience

Your audience are going to be the ones who will see your calling card, your logo first hand. So get feedback throughout. Get an idea of what is working for them and not working. Understand what makes them think about logo design and brands. 

If you can tap into your audience with a design that works you will have a logo that is targeting the very people you want buying from you. 


Get a brief together 

Design should be left to the professionals, so here you want to make sure that you can get a brief together for a designer. On that brief you should include all of the things mentioned thus far but consider adding a few extras which include; 

  • Who your competitors are
  • What inspires you in the designs that you’ve seen 
  • What your business is all about 
  • Why you want your business logo to stand out


To summarise, your logo is an important part of your business brand. Great logos make great businesses. They identify with an audience and say something about who you are and what you’re all about. Take the time to understand the importance of getting a good looking logo and building out your brand look and feel from here.

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