How Custom Shirt Printing Empowers Company Fundraisers

Have you thought about the fact that fundraisers make thousands of dollars with some of the best ideas being things like hosting barbecues? Whilst fundraisers can make a lot of money, it’s not all about the profit that you can make.

Whether you’re fundraising for your business in particular or you plan to donate a portion to a cause that your company believes in or represents, there are a lot of advantages to a strategy like this. The results that you could see, don’t just come from having a fundraiser alone. It comes from the hard work done by a dedicated team.

However, teamwork isn’t always natural, and a lot of the time it needs a push. One way to do this is to use a method like t-shirt printing to empower your team and your supporters. To find out exactly how you can do this with something as simple as a shirt, keep reading.

Why Exactly Is Fundraising Important for Your Business?

Hosting a fundraising event can be beneficial for any business model. It can be especially beneficial for startups or smaller to midsize companies that want to grow and grow quickly. Hosting events like this allow you to build your donor base and even sustain it if you decide to host these events every quarter.

It gives your supporters something to look forward to. It also gives you events and content to put on your company calendar and gives your employees something to look forward to as well.

These events can be made special for those that work for you and those that you work for. This is because you’re bringing people together to solve a problem. Or, you’re shedding light on issues that are often overlooked.

One of the biggest reasons that your business should get into event fundraising is being able to elevate existing campaigns. You can also build camaraderie through fundraiser t-shirts.

However, this isn’t something that will come with hosting the event alone. Doing something to elevate your fundraiser advertising like offering promotional apparel or having customized t-shirts made is what will get you that level of participation and the results you want.

Keep A Few Things In Mind

Keep in mind that fundraiser advertising and the use of promotional apparel doesn’t only benefit your company. It allows you to reach a much wider audience and makes it more possible for you to secure potential investors.

This doesn’t only have to be an on-site venture either. This could be something that you do digitally as well.

What you don’t want to forget though is that even if you opt-in for a digital fundraiser, you can still raise more awareness and increase participation among your employees with promotional items. You can do the same with custom advertising shirts to enhance your message as well.

What Will You Get Out of Your Company’s Fundraisers if Your Team Is Feeling Empowered?

The results of your fundraiser heavily rely on teamwork. To achieve a well-oiled team that will boost engagement with your fundraisers, you need to get creative with your internal messaging and not only the external. Give your team something to look forward to and enhance their excitement before the fundraiser takes place.

You can do this with something as simple as t-shirt printing or using promotional items. Fundraiser t-shirts, whether they are matching or not will make your employees feel unified. If you are tapping into spaces that other companies aren’t, this is even more of an opportunity to continue building on the unification of your team.

This could also be something that you can significantly scale depending on the size of your company. Don’t be afraid to think big with fundraiser t-shirts if you have a team that would allow you to do so.

For example, if you have a large team spread across the U.S., and even if you have employees in other countries, you could create a visual movement for your company and your clients. By utilizing custom apparel to bring people together regardless of their geo-location, you are sending a message.

Luckily, with custom advertising shirts, you will also have the ability to tailor-make that message. Empowerment means the chance to increase productivity.

It also allows you to strengthen relationships between staff and stakeholders. not to mention, it can even bring potential employees to your front door which can be useful if you’re looking to expand.

How Can You Foster Unity Across Cross-Functional Teams and Departments?

There are a variety of ways to increase collaboration among different teams and sustain it. Some of the most popular methods would be to create open and transparent channels of communication and establish clear goals. You could also reward your employees that hit their goals and encourage active listening.

Another method that you might’ve heard of would be to promote a positive work culture. Promoting a positive work culture doesn’t only have to be centered around praising your employees or changing internal workflows. You can easily do this by developing a better sense of inclusion.

Doing so will also play into promoting a respectful culture and enhancing recognition of teams and their achievements. One way that you can optimize the results of doing these different things is by using customized t-shirts. Your custom t-shirts will clearly promote the fundraisers that you’re going to be involved in.

Take It A Step Further

You can also take it a step further by giving certain employees particular types of custom apparel through direct to garment printing. You could even give them different designs of shirts that showcase their achievements or the positions they hold. If you’re having an in-person fundraiser at physical locations, consider celebrating each of your teams by giving them their own identity.

Each team will be under the main umbrella of your company but they will also have a stronger sense of unity within their assigned internal teams. These simple steps can help you improve cross-team and cross-departmental collaboration. That is what will make a difference during your fundraisers…clearly empowered workers.

Also, aside from the potential profit, this is an opportunity to strengthen the relationships within your business. This is as much a great way to raise awareness for the causes that you support whilst providing recognition for your donors and sponsors as well. Also, if you haven’t realised it yet, doing that is almost a surefire way to see continued support from those donors and even increase sales.

The Advantage That No One Talks About

When looking to give your workers a way to identify themselves through their apparel during work events everyone talks about how it’s a good way for people to spot you. Basically, everyone is talking about what custom clothing looks like from the outside rather than how it makes your team feel from the inside.

Customized t-shirts, especially during a team-inspired event can greatly spark a sense of team spirit. That team spirit empowers your employees. That empowerment means:

  • Better Business
  • Consistent motivation
  • Higher productivity

It also subconsciously allows your employees to feel like they can be more creative and enriched within their work culture. These are all of the things that you want when you’re trying to raise funds for your organization and the causes that you support.

You have to also consider that an empowered team works well during a company event. However, that energy, and inspiration to do a great job doesn’t have to dwindle away. It’s less likely to disappear when the event is over if the team was feeling inspired before it started.

This means that you could be planting a seed for something that could turn into more opportunities for your business once the fundraiser is complete. Doing things like this opens multiple avenues of different benefits. This could be better collaboration and greater initiatives.

It could even result in quicker turnaround times for projects and significantly improved accountability. Something as simple as t-shirt printing could mean the difference between doing well during your fundraiser or doing poorly.

Overall, what you will be doing is helping your employees to see how valuable they are to your message. You will also be enhancing the opportunity for better customer service beyond the fundraiser alone all with fundraiser t-shirts.

Setting Your Fundraiser Up for Success

All fundraisers and fundraising strategies aren’t going to be successful. However, you can better secure the success of your company through simple measures like empowering your team with t-shirt printing during times when it could truly benefit such as when you’re raising funds.

Giving your company the feel of a brand will also impact your staff. That positive impact could be what creates or hinders the success of your fundraising efforts so, work with the Shirtworks team to ensure that your team succeeds.

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