Brand Focus -SPIRO sports brand.


I love getting sweaty.

I have figured out that I really appreciate the feeling I get after I have worked hard.

I have figured out that if my motivation starts to take a dip, I can buy a new piece of kit and it spurs me on to get off the sofa.

Is this weird?

Whether you think it is or not, I know there are some people who will agree.

I think they will also agree that the sports brand SPIRO has some cool stuff.

Here is my rundown of what you need to help you get off the sofa and get sweaty while being admired by other sweaty types.

SR260 Spiro Reflec-Tex High Viz Jacket

Training out-doors through most of the year in the UK means you are going to be in the dark. There are very few credible stats on injuries in the UK caused by vehicles and runners but it does happen. If you like to run on country roads, you are particularly vulnerable and if you run in groups, this can increase your chances of being injured as you adjust and jostle for pavement position while running.

This clever jacket can be vinyl printed or embroidered with your team or club logo and it has those headlight reflective properties, which mean to become a flashing beacon to other road users. Water repellent and breathable also means some comfort built in.

SR270F Technical Panel Marl T-Shirt

Spiros marketing photography is pretty pants. They have managed to make this excellent fitness specific T-shirt almost fade into the background of a breeze block wall. What we like about this garment is the marl effect. If you have ever set foot in a female populated gym, you will see this stuff is all the rage. For good reason, it looks cool.

We have cross-fit type customers who own gyms who love this stuff and we regularly screen-print their club logos in strange new places. They love to be different.

This one starts at £6.33 ex vat if you are buying full cartons, there will then be the printing costs to add in but typically all for

SR264 Off Road Bike Shorts

Julius Ceasar wrote that his Celtic adversary would often go into battle naked with only their weapons. This does not have many practical advantages against an advancing Roman Testudo but it does offer the combatant the ability to remain cool.

The closest you are going to get to riding into battle naked is with something like these shorts.

The clever little zip up/down air vents on the front panels allow a delicate flow of air to circulate around your thighs and private bits. Well clever.

These can be screenprinted or embroidered or transfer printed with your riding clubs logo

SR274 Ladies Fitness Crop Top

Check out this ‘flying Ninjas’ abs. This represents hours of dedication and a thoughtful approach to her diet.

Her anatomy is held tight by the marl effect vest top, which looks excellent when screen-printed with your gym logo.

This garment has a lot or polyester and elastane for stretch and moisture management so we always print down a grey blocking base under the colours to ensure nice bright print colours.

This is just a small sample of what Spiro are offering. Remember, we are always here to offer advice on what print or embroidery process is most suitable.

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