Band MERCH; a quick rundown.


20 yrs ago, I would drink sherry in my pokey little rented flat to get into the mood then and record layers of guitar and base and percussive noises on my Tascam 4 track. I came up with a sound that you can only really describe as low down funky grooves. It was like smelling your own farts, weirdly satisfying but it was only ever going to be me that appreciated it.
I wish I still had those tapes, I think the millennials might really dig it……..
These days, making music and publishing it from your bedroom is totally possible. You can start from nothing and with some new media skills be your own promoter and publisher.
If you are lucky, you might eventually make a little bit of money from your music but ironically you are probably going do better selling clothing.
I know, weird right?
The problem with music is that it is ‘ethereal’.
It is no longer that CD you bought from HMV, it now exists in digital cyberspace where it lacks any physical presence and is likely just to be pinched from you without you ever knowing; or you can get it published on a download site whether you get 15p from the 99p paid for it.
Where you can see a return, is the band T-shirt, commonly known among muso types as ‘MERCH’.
T shirts and music go hand in hand like rhubarb and custard, Bonnie and Clyde, unprotected sex and STDs. One cannot easily exist without the other.
Here is a quick rundown on the best selling T-shirts for you to get your name out there.


Your basic (Unisex)
These are your lightweight value options which marry a quality finish at a budget price and fabric weight.



Your more muscular dude
These are the heavier weight basics with a slight price increase from your basic.

GD08 Premium T-Shirt

SS10 Premium T-Shirt

Your skinny slackers
If your fans are teen skinny types then they might want a closer fit.

SS37 T-Shirt

Sol’s 01698

Your freaks
Getting your freak on is ‘derigere’ these days. The freakier the better. Top tip; long length t shirts only look good if you are lanky. Short and stumpy equals stoopid looking in a long T.


AV111 Long T-Shirt

TD02M Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Your skater yoof who doesn’t even know he his retro
The Skater YOOF never dies. They are made of tough sinewy fibres and can withstand pain from falls and breaks. They love this sort of stuff. Top tip; the 3/4 sleeve baseball top is becoming hip again.


M175 Ringer T-Shirt

M178 Baseball T-Shirt

Bella Canvas CV3200

If you haven’t been convinced that T-shirts are a way forward for your band, then you need a little lesson in the human teenage psyche.
These buggers still need to be cool, just like you used to. They need to be seen, just like you did once, to be doing something different, be the one in the peer group that says ‘have you heard of so and so? The T shirt shows that they went to that tiny little obscure gig and have discovered the next big thing for the next 10 minutes. It also shows which tribe they belong to.
In the new, overly stimulated and media fragmented world, the yoofs of the Y and Z generations are still as primitive in their social instincts as your standard issue teenager, since ‘marketing’ first decided they were a target demographic with disposable income in the 1950’s.
Don’t forget the most important thing….. they can’t download your T-shirt, they need to actually give you ten quid!!!!!
This means that you can often make a 100% profit.
No brainer.
Author: Arron Harnden

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