Aprons – The new symbol for the craftsmen in all of us.


‘Branding’ is the trippiest mind game of all time, a commercial sleight of hand and the ultimate smoke and mirror trick that fools you into believing that the ‘thing’ you always ignored or took for granted or forgot about now has new meaning and makes you go ‘oooh’, again.
Can your remember when your girlfriend or boyfriend had that nifty new hair cut by accident and they looked brand new and exciting in a way you had forgotten? That’s it; you got it.
‘Branding’ is a sort or re-invention and it takes skill and an ability to slot into current trends to be able to turn the mundane into desirable.
It turns out you can do this mind trick to almost anything and the humble custom apron now has a message it wants to communicate, with your help.
In this post industrialised landscape of new digital economies and mass production and shiny, shiny polished things that pump light into your brain through your slowly drying out eyeballs, there has been a ‘pullback’ to something more earthy and authentic in recent years. A return to the idea that a certain ‘craftsmanship’ has value in this quick fix society.
Shirtworks totally gets this.
If you look really hard at something and if you value the love that a human being has worked into their product, as an intrinsic ingredient, you too will get it.
Naturally, every craftsman (sorry ladies, hipsters seem to be mostly blokes) in 2018 needs a big beard some tatts and a uniform. You can see how the Hipster and the craftsman are a closely linked pair of fellows.
Whether your artistic ‘expression thing ‘is beer, coffee, bread, hunting knives, mens haircuts or surfboards, there is an apron for you.


Shirtworks has a new range of bibs from the hospitality band ‘Premier’.
They have recognised the push that small businesses, who used to be called cottage industries, are now making into small retail spaces that are being made vacant by the demise of the high street shopping experience.
Small spaces selling a quality experience which is reflected in these new products.


PR127 Premier Domain Bib Apron

This full length bib apron is 70% cotton and 30% polyester which makes it great in an industrial hot wash up to 60 degrees.
It goes great with beards and can be screen printed in most areas or embroidered as long as you avoid the pockets.
It features a contrast neck tie with adjustable metal buckle, contrast fabric ties with metal eyelets, reverse contrast denim centre chest pocket and pen pocket. The width and length are pretty standard for your 6ft hipster who works out at a width 72cm and a length of 86cm.
WRAP Certified Production means it will fit with your earthy artisan credentials too.
Weight: 265 gsm is nice and beefy.

This ‘chino’ looking, full length apron is 100% cotton twill with a neck tie with buckle and adjustable stud fastening.
It has three chino style stitched pockets with rivets and is a standard size at width 72cm and length 86cm.
It can be washed super-hot on an Industrial wash at 80°C.
WRAP Certified Production means warm and fuzzy feelings as standard.
Weight is average at 235 gsm. Great for printing or embroidery.

100% real buffalo leather is going to put some people off and this might look more at home in a German beer hall than on your average UK hipster/craft/beard guy.
Hmmm, not totes sure though.
Anyway, it is super heavyweight and durable which is what you would expect from the backside of a massive herd animal that has been roaming the plains of America long before there were humans.
It has cross over back ties with metal buckle fastening around the waist and two front patch pockets.
It has reinforced stitching and ‘stitching is about all this is going to take, meaning that we would need to embroider it with some big fat needles to get your logo onto it. If you are looking for something that is going to last you forever, then this is your baby.
Width 72cm and Length 86cm are standard with WRAP Certified Production.
Weight: 300 gsm is heavy but surprisingly lighter than the PR136

This is the ‘waist’ version of the PR127 and obviously lacks the full chest protection.
It is made from the same material: 70% cotton/30% polyester with contrast fabric ties with metal eyelets.
It has a 36cm wide centre pocket with contrast trim, including pen compartment.
These shorter aprons are often printed or embroidered at one of the bottom corners.
Width 70cm and length 50cm.
Industrial wash at 85°C.
WRAP Certified Production.
Weight: 265 gsm

Stuff to consider, if you are into aprons.
Most of the time your are buying aprons to protect you from the muck of your daily working life. This means they will need to be washed frequently and this means that embroidery is almost always the better option for your logo or design.
Embroidery becomes and integral part of your garment as the stitches punch into and grip into the warp and weft of the garment.
This mean it can’t wash off or scratch off or be melted off by a hot iron, which most forms of printing will succumb to eventually or quickly if you over wash them or boil wash them accidentally.
If we are embroidering your design, then one of the determining factors for price are the number of stitches in your design which is directly linked to the size you want your design to be. The bigger, the more stitches, the longer it takes to embroider, the more expensive it becomes.
A typical width for a breast logo or centre chest logo is 10cm. This is optimal in our opinion.
Positioning us usually limited to left chest, centre chest or bottom hem, left or right.
As always, our expert team are on standby to assist.
Here is the full list of aprons.

Author: Arron Harnden

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