7 Reasons That Customised T-Shirts Are Great for Company Fun Runs

Every year, there are hundreds of fun runs held throughout the UK. They’re often held to help raise funds for a particular cause.

If your company would like to show your commitment to making the world a better place, consider planning a fun run for your employees. You’ll be able to raise money for a good cause while helping to bring your employees closer than ever before.

In addition to putting together plans for a fun run, you should also think about ordering customised T-shirts for the occasion. A great T-shirt printing company will be able to provide you with the fundraiser T-shirts you need in no time.

Buying these company shirts will benefit your business and your employees in so many ways. In this article, we’re going to explain some of the top reasons why you should order a batch of fundraising shirts with your company name and fundraiser logo right on them.

Check out seven of the reasons to create customised T-shirts for your company fun run below.

1. Builds Anticipation for the Fun Run

Would you like to try to build up some buzz around your company’s fun run in the days leading up to it? Of course, you do. You want all your employees and anyone else who will be taking part in it to be excited for the occasion.

This is the first reason why you should create customized T-shirts for your company fun run. You’ll find that these fundraiser T-shirts will start to create some anticipation surrounding your event.

The more excited people are about your company fun run, the more money it should ultimately be able to make. It’s why you should explore the idea of having a T-shirt printing company provide you with fundraising shirts with your fundraiser logo right on them.

Select a company that’s going to be able to provide you with customised T-shirts printed through the direct-to-garment printing process.

2. Makes Your Employees Feel Closer During the Fun Run

The goal of your company fun run will obviously be to raise money for whatever cause you’ll be holding it for. That shouldn’t be the only thing you set out to do with a company fun run.

Your fun run should also be designed to serve as a team-building activity for your employees. They should grow closer before and during your fun run for it to be considered a success in the end.

Ordering your employees a bunch of customised T-shirts for them to wear will help accomplish this goal. The simple act of having all your employees wear the same shirt with the same shirt logo on them will make them feel like more of a team than they already do.

3. Allows You to Create Fundraising Teams for the Fun Run

At the end of the day, all of your employees are going to participate in a company fun run for the same reason. They’ll all be running to try to raise money for the cause that will benefit from this event.

If you want to help your employees have a little more fun during your fun run, how about creating different fundraising teams? This kind of competition could help your company to raise even more money in the long run.

You shouldn’t have any issues creating these teams when you have customised T-shirts available to you. Each of the fundraising teams can wear the same fundraiser T-shirts with the same fundraiser logo on them. You can make these company shirts in different colours to set the teams apart.

4. Keeps People Comfortable During the Fun Run

You might assume that everyone who works for your company will have an athletic T-shirt they’ll be able to wear for your fun run. However, this might not be the case.

Some of your company’s employees might not have access to these types of T-shirts. As a result, they might have to wear some other kind of shirt that’ll prevent them from being comfortable throughout your fun run.

You can steer clear of running into this problem by printing customised T-shirts for your employees. You can guarantee your employees will be able to run around in comfort at all times in their special fundraiser shirts.

5. Serves as a Marketing Tool Throughout the Fun Run

As we’ve stressed a couple of times now, the entire purpose of your company fun run should be to make as much money as you can for a charitable cause. If that’s the only thing your fun run accomplishes, it’ll be a worthwhile event.

As we alluded to earlier, your company fun run can turn into a great team-building tool that’ll build up team morale among your employees. It can also be utilized as a marketing tool without you having to work too hard at it.

When people are wearing customised T-shirts with your fundraiser logo and your company logo on them, they’ll serve as marketing tools for your business. People will see these T-shirts and be exposed to your company’s name and logo when they look at them.

Better yet, they’ll be exposed to these things while your company is clearly trying to do some good within your community. It’ll paint your company in a very positive light and work wonders for it from a marketing perspective.

You might also want to consider taking things to the next level by putting up other marketing materials at your company fun run. These materials will be excellent marketing tools and will help you capitalize on your event from beginning to end.

6. Continues to Market Your Company After the Fun Run

There might be some employees at your company who will wear your customised T-shirts once and then never wear them again. Still, there will be others who will continue to wear these fundraising shirts with your shirt logo on them well into the future.

When they do, they’ll keep on marketing your company every single time they put these customised T-shirts on. When one of your employees is, say, going for a run on the treadmill at the gym, their shirt will catch the eyes of at least a few of their fellow gymgoers and expose your company to them.

Every time this happens, your company will be getting another great return on investment thanks to the customised T-shirts you ordered. This ROI could keep on benefitting you for months and sometimes even years.

7. Adds Next to No Cost to the Fun Run

While you’re planning a company fun run, you’ll want to work to keep your expenses down. The less money you have to spend on the fun run, the more money you’ll be able to donate to a great cause.

This might lead you to believe that you shouldn’t spend money on customised T-shirts. You’ll be happy to hear that these T-shirts shouldn’t set you back too much money at all. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out just how affordable they can be.

You should just make sure you don’t cut corners when ordering customised T-shirts by obtaining them from a company that isn’t going to do great work. Instead, you should search for a T-shirt printing company that’ll supply you with high-quality shirts from the start.

Shirtworks is a great example of the kind of T-shirt company you can count on. We can take whatever ideas you might have for your company fun run’s customised T-shirts and bring them to life.

We’ll also aim to get you the lowest price possible on fundraiser T-shirts so that you won’t have to break the bank while planning a company fun run. You’ll have plenty of money left over that you can give to the cause of your choice.

This is just one more reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to order fundraising shirts with your preferred fundraiser logo. This shirt logo will get your company fun run off to a fantastic start and ensure it’s every bit as successful as you want it to be.

Start Creating Customised T-Shirts for Your Company Fun Run

Are you working your way through planning a company fun run? There are so many different things you’ll need to take into account throughout this process. It might be easy to overlook all the benefits of customised T-shirts.

Now that you know about the best reasons to invest in fundraiser T-shirts, you should start creating them with help from Shirtworks. We can provide your company with great-looking customised T-shirts that check all the right boxes.

Contact us today to get the custom T-shirt design process underway.

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