5 Creative Things To Do With Old Clothes


Innovations For Your Old Clothes 

I’m sure many of us are guilty of simply throwing away our old clothes that we never wear anymore. However by thinking creatively we can make those disused items last much longer and create a meaningful use for them!

We compiled a list of our favourite innovative ideas, some of which you may want to try yourself.


Using old clothes to make an apron is a really good idea, as it saves you from getting your current clothes dirty and therefore another load of washing. They can also be completely unique to your taste and style. The process of creating them is also very easy and enjoyable.

If you want advice and tips on how to make these, click here.


Making bags from old clothes can not only lead to an amazing and unique bag but it can also be a very fun activity to do with friends and family. By making it yourself it means you can decide exactly on how you want it to look and pick a style that suits you.

For more information on how to make this. read this step by step guide here.


Fancy Dress Costume

At university, fancy dress is incredibly popular and new costumes can be quite expensive! This offers a cheaper solution and you can really let your creativity really shine. It can also make the fancy dress event more fun as people admire your individual costume.

It is also brilliant for families with youg children too as it can be a fun activity to make them and yet a productive one too!

To gain some inspiration for your next fancy dress event, click here

Notebook covers 

For many students the notebook is a key item and a key source of knowledge.

However if you’re going to use your notebook often then why not make it individual to you? By making a cover it not only means it looks good but it is also practical too, because should it ever be stolen or you lose it, it is very easy to identify.

This useful and quick tutorial will help you make your ideal notebook cover, watch it here


Tea towels

This is a very easy and simple idea for your unwanted clothes. You can make a tea towel out of an old pair of jeans, top or shirt, in under 5 minutes and yet can be very useful.

Here are some creative designs we liked, to help get you inspired.

Upcycling has become a bigger trend in recent years as it is a creative solution to reducing waste and helping the environment. At Shirtworks we work with the Soil Association to produce organic and ethical T-shirt printing, find more here.

Alongside the Soil Association we work a range of ethical foundations, including fairtrade. 

If you want advice on designing one of these items, get in touch with us on 0800 072 5334 or contact us online

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